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The recommended application sites are illustrated below:

iPort insertion sites

i-Port Advance is suitable for both adults and children requiring daily subcutaneous injections.

i-Port Advance is a single use device. Remove and properly dispose of the used device every 72 hours and replace with a new device on a different location of the body as needed.

Yes, i-Port Advance is intended for use during normal daily activities, including showering and bathing.

i-Port Advance is 38mm in diameter and rises only 8.5mm above the skin.

The cannula is the small soft, flexible tube used to deliver the medication into the subcutaneous tissue. The cannula of i-Port Advance is available in 6mm and 9mm lengths.

The maximum needle length for use with i-Port Advance is 8mm. Do not attempt to use a 12mm injection needle with i-Port Advance. Doing so may damage the device causing unnecessary punctures of the skin, or tearing and puncturing of the soft cannula which may result in unpredictable medication delivery. Do not use a needle shorter than 5mm when injecting in to i-Port Advance.

The thickest needle size for use with either i-Port Advance is a 28 gauge needle. Note: The smaller the number, the larger the gauge.

Do not attempt to reuse an i-Port Advance after the 72 hour wear period has elapsed. Do not attempt to reuse an i-Port Advance after it has been removed or dislodged.

Patients should speak with their healthcare provider and refer to the appropriate drug manufacturer's label prior to injecting any medication into i-Port Advance.

Applying i-Port Advance

Applying i-Port Advance is simple and requires minimal training. Instructions can be found in i-Port Advance User Guide.

Using i-Port Advance is simple and requires minimal training. Instructions can be found in i-Port Advance User Guide.

It is recommended that you rotate site each time you are placing a new i-Port Advance. This keeps the tissue healthy and allows previous sites to completely heal before reusing them.

Precautions & Warnings

Infection, irritation or inflammation from using i-Port Advance is rare; however, the potential exists. Typically, these occurrences may result from inadequate cleansing of the skin surface before application, improper application to the body, and/or improper maintenance of the insertion site.

If the application site becomes irritated or inflamed, remove and discard the device and apply a new device to a different location on the body at least 76mm from the original site. If infection, irritation or inflammation persists or worsens, discontinue use and contact your healthcare professional.

Remove and discard the device and apply a new device to a different location on the body.

Using Insulin with i-Port Advance

Test blood sugar per your healthcare professional's instructions to ensure that insulin dose and absorption at the delivery site are appropriate.

In the case of unexplainably high blood sugar, remove and discard i-Port Advance device and apply new device to a different location on the body, as the cannula could be dislodged, crimped (bent) or partially clogged. Should suggested actions not provide a resolution to the problem or should your blood glucose remain high, contact your physician or healthcare provider.

Avoid applying and using a new device just prior to bedtime, unless blood sugar can be checked 2 to 4 hours after injection.

Yes, insulin pens may be used with i-Port Advance as long as the needle length does not exceed 8mm or is not shorter than 5mm.

Our recommendation is to speak to your healthcare provider and refer to the drug manufacturer’s label regarding mixing of insulins through a single i-Port Advance.

Injecting both long and rapid acting insulin through the same port can be done as long as you wait 60 minutes between injections. We recommend always injecting rapid acting insulin first, due to its peak times.

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