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Medtronic 780G
Loyalty Program


This program is for people who are currently using the MiniMed™640G or 670G insulin pumps to be able to upgrade to the MiniMed™ 780G to experience the full benefit of our hybrid closed loop system.


Medtronic 780G
Loyalty Program


This program is for people who are currently using the MiniMed™ 640G or 670G insulin pumps to be able to upgrade to the MiniMed™ 780G to experience the full benefit of our hybrid closed loop system.


Eligibility condition for this program

  • Be currently in warranty (with a minimum of 3 months warranty remaining from completed order form being received) on a MiniMed™ 640G or 670G insulin pump
  • Have Type 1 Diabetes
  • Be an Australian resident
  • Obtain a compatible Medtronic Bluetooth CGM through NDSS – make sure you have selected Medtronic Bluetooth CGM Starter Kit on the NDSS form
  • Have Private Health Insurance or have the ability to pay AUD $8,574
MM780G Devices

Important aspects

Our Medtronic 24hr Product Helpline (1800 777 808) is a toll-free number (from Australian landlines only) that offers assistance for any pump-related technical issues you may encounter. If our technical team determines that your pump should be replaced, we will send you a replacement loan pump with 2-3 working days. Please note that our local support team will advise the time frame, depending on Metro or Regional area delivery routes/schedules.

Medtronic retains ownership of the loan pump however maintenance and care of the pump is your responsibility. Typically, your health insurance will not cover lost or stolen pumps. We suggest that you contact your Home and Contents insurer to confirm the provision of insulin pump insurance.

We will contact you closer to your warranty end date (‘Access Date’) when you can access your new insulin pump. Medtronic is happy for you to have use of the loan pump without charge until your Access Date. After this date, you will have 90 days to purchase a new pump or return the loan pump to Medtronic. If the pump is not returned after 90 days, Medtronic will charge you a late fee of $200 (GST exempt) per month up to the value of $8574 (GST exempt over 4 years). If you are unable to purchase a new pump, Medtronic will still require the 780G to be returned within 90 days of the Access Date. If your pump is lost or damaged, Medtronic may charge you the full value ($8574 GST exempt) of the pump.

I want to return my loan pump


Please contact to


Frequently asked questions

Keeping the loan pump will depend on the choices you make at the end of your 600 series warranty period. In some cases, if approved by your PHI, we can transition ownership of the loan pump to you and remain on that device. Refer to the 780G Loyalty Program Terms & Conditions for further information or contact Medtronic about your options.

Please contact our Medtronic 24hr Product Helpline on 1800 777 808. This is a toll-free number from Australian landlines. If the MiniMed 780G loan pump is deemed faulty by Product Helpline, a replacement MiniMed 780G loan pump will be sent to you. When your new MiniMed 780G loan pump arrives, a return post bag will be included. This post bag is to return the faulty MiniMed 780G loan pump.

Any MiniMed 780G loan pump replacements provided under the 780G Loyalty Program must adhere to the same Terms & Conditions as the original MiniMed 780G loan pump provide under this program.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The MiniMed 780G insulin pump loan program (780G Loyalty Program) is a limited offer to Eligible Customers to access the MiniMed 780G insulin pump (Loan Pump) for the period of the warranty remaining on their 600 series insulin pump.
  2. An Eligible Customer for the 780G Loyalty Program:
    (a)    has been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes;
    (b)    is currently using an in-warranty Medtronic MiniMed 600 series (640G or 670G);
    (c)    is an Australian resident;
    (d)    obtain a Medtronic Guardian 4 Sensor through NDSS – make sure you have selected Medtronic Bluetooth CGM Starter Kit on the NDSS form; and
    (e)    have a Private Health Insurance policy which covers insulin pump therapy or have received your current pump through JDRF or have the ability to pay AUD $8,574.
  3.  You will not be required to make any payment for use of Loan Pump, except in the following circumstances (when payment will either deducted from your nominated credit card or an invoice will be issued): 
    (a)    If the Loan Pump is not returned to Medtronic within 90 days of your existing warranty end date (Access Date), we will start charging you a late fee of AUD $200 (GST exempt) per month to reflect the true value of the Loan Pump provided to you, until the pump is returned.
    (b)    If your Loan Pump is lost, damaged, or destroyed or if it is not returned within 90 days of your Access Date, you will be liable for the replacement cost of the loan insulin pump up to the value of AUD $8,574.00 (GST exempt) less any amount charged for the late fee. Medtronic may take further action to recover the value of the pump.
  4. Medtronic retains full title to the Loan Pump. The Pump User, while in possession of the Loan Pump, is regarded as a bailee. The Pump User must not mortgage, pledge, sell, charge, encumber, sub-let, part with possession of, grant any lien, license or other encumbrance over or otherwise dispose of or deal with or permit to exist any license or other encumbrance over the Loan Pump or any part of it and the Pump User must keep the Loan Pump free from any distress, execution, or other legal process.
  5. The Pump User shall bear all expenses of the use, operation, maintenance, and safe keeping of the Loan Pump.
    The Pump User undertakes that during the Term they will: (a) be the only user of the Loan Pump; and (b) comply with the instructions and recommendations of Medtronic and the manufacturer in relation to the Pump and its use.
  6. In the case of a force majeure event (including but not limited to vandalism, a power failure, tempest, terrorism, industrial action or act of God), Medtronic may in its absolute discretion modify, suspend or cancel the offer. 
  7. Medtronic reserves the right to waive any of the terms set out in these Terms in its absolute discretion. Failure by Medtronic to enforce any of its rights at any stage does not constitute a waiver of those rights. 
  8. To the extent permitted by law, Medtronic is not liable to the Pump User in any manner relating to the Loan Pump including but not limited to its use, operation, maintenance, or safekeeping. The Pump
  9. User indemnifies Medtronic and its directors, officers, employees, agents and representatives against all claims, proceedings, costs (including legal costs on a solicitor/own client bias) expenses, loss or damage that Medtronic may sustain or incur because of or in connection with, whether directly or indirectly, the use of the Pump by the Pump User.
  10. This Agreement is governed by New South Wales law. The parties will attempt to resolve all disputes by negotiation. Any unresolved dispute will be mediated promptly by a qualified mediator. The Pump
  11. User must report all Loan Pump related adverse events and/or equipment complaints to Medtronic at the time of occurrence.
    Medtronic is committed to protecting the Pump User privacy and will only use personal information and health information for the purposes for which it was collected in accordance with the privacy statement and the Privacy Policy at Medtronic will collect the Pump Users information for the purposes of providing the Loan Pump.


Always read the instructions for use and health warnings available at Consult a healthcare professional to see if this product is suitable for you and for any questions specific to your health and treatments. Responses to the treatment vary.