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Living with Type 1 diabetes is a constant balancing act.


It´s like doing everything in your daily life, while keeping a balloon in the air.

How to take part?

Every time someones performs a #BlueBalloonChallenge, Medtronic will globally donate €5 to Life for a Child


Film yourself

Simply share a video or photo of yourself keeping a blue balloon up in the air. Please always perform this challenge in a safe environment.

If you don't have a balloon at home, you can try using our Instagram filter.


Post it

On social media using the #BlueBalloonChallenge and tag @MedtronicDiabetesAus, @LifeforaChild.
We'd love to see your creative side, however you want to do the challenge is up to you!

Stronger together


We believe in developing better care for everyone with diabetes, which is why we're partnering with Life for a Child - working together for a brighter future.

Let’s talk about diabetes.

We want to people to have an open and honest conversation about what needs to be done to improve people’s journey with diabetes.

One way we start these discussions is by partnering with patient associations to understand, educate, and promote diabetes care.