My Key Three by Brent

Tuesday, November 21, 2017 - 17:05

It’s no secret that I have been very vocal on how much of a positive impact using an insulin pump has been on my life. It would be completely different if I was still on multiple daily injections and I couldn’t imagine being where I am today. While using pump and CGM therapy has touched every part of my life, I would have to say the key three areas that it has positively impacted would be my work life, social life and avoiding diabetes burnout.

I’ve always had pretty demanding jobs throughout my life. From working in busy, hot kitchens, to the constant on-the-go action of being a children’s nurse. These jobs required constant changes to my insulin. Being on pump therapy with CGM allowed me to make those on the fly changes which allowed me to move on and do the job at hand. Being on multiple daily injections, I was always locked into my long acting dose I had taken up to 12 hours prior and didn’t allow for changes. I would often have hypos during my shifts at my first job. Since changing to insulin pump therapy and CGM, I’ve been able to use technology such as temporary basal rates, low glucose suspend and now SmartGuard® which have helped to significantly reduce the number of hypos I now have. Insulin pump therapy and CGM have also brought piece of mind to my colleagues knowing that I can take a glance at my pump, see what my sensor glucose is doing and be able to go back to work safely.

Being social and having a work-life balance is very important to me. I always saw multiple daily injections as a hassle for a social life. I always carried around a big case with my meter, insulin pen, pen needles and a glucose record book. Not only that, I had to get out the good old fashioned pen and paper to calculate my insulin dose if I was going out to eat with friends. Now all I take is my meter, my insulin pump with my CGM on and some backup infusion sets that I leave in the car. All the calculations are done on my pump and everything is saved onto the pump ready to upload to CareLink. Pump therapy has also made last minute plans a breeze. It allows you to be spontaneous and with a few simple clicks on my pump, I can adjust my insulin in preparation for anything life throws at me. That’s something I couldn’t do on multiple daily injections without carb loading or just flat-out not going.

Diabetes burnout is without a doubt one of my biggest aspects of living with diabetes that was difficult while on multiple daily injections. Multiple daily injections simply didn’t work for me. I was on nine injections a day which did provide some level of control but meant I had zero quality of life. I would set alarms not to miss injections, constant corrections and set meal times in order to try and achieve some sort of glycaemic control. I would always be burned out due to how much it was consuming my life.

In summary, insulin pump therapy with CGM has bought that diabetes-work-life balance back into check. It’s been the most important tool that has helped me reduce some of the stress with living with diabetes and has reduced my diabetes burnout significantly. To the people that are still thinking about insulin pump therapy and/or CGM, give it a try! It’s had a massive positive impact on my life and I don’t plan to ever look back. I wouldn’t be where I am today without mine!

Brent Hypos PosterBrentRN
Medtronic Diabetes Australia Ambassador
Living With Type 1 Diabetes 

Having recently completed work placement as part of becoming a registered nurse, Brent is familiar with what can be a juggling act between diabetes management and living his life. With his pump this juggling act is made easier as he is, “able to confidently manage my diabetes so I am able to have a clear focus on nursing”.

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