Pregnancy - Combat glycaemic variability during your pregnancy

Saturday, March 2, 2019 - 23:08

Hello, I am Dany, Wife to James and proud Mum to our beautiful daughter, Charlie. Before motherhood, I spent most of my time looking after the home and my health. I live with both Type 1 Diabetes and Cystic Fibrosis. I was diagnosed at birth with Cystic Fibrosis, but I only started daily insulin injections in 2013 at the age of 22.

Mid 2017 my husband and I discussed pregnancy with my Endocrinology team. My HBA1c was 8.1 so my diabetes was quite uncontrolled. We were wanting to bring a little person into the world and I knew that poor diabetic control could harm our baby. My diabetes specialist recommended I try a CGM. I was offered a couple of different CGM devices, but my specialist recommended I try the Guardian Connect as it automatically tracks my BGL to my iPhone and they found the BGL to be quite accurate. After a week trial, I signed myself up to a 12-month subscription, it was amazing.

Within 6 months of using the Medtronic Guardian Connect, and being closely monitored from my Endocrinologist, I was able to reduce my HBA1c from 8.1 to 5.9. I set up the predictive alerts so that it would alert me to a potential high or low within 20 minutes so that I could take preventative action – like eating or topping up my insulin dose. The best feature for me was the low prediction as we were adjusting my insulin dosage throughout the pregnancy, so I felt safe in increasing the amount without dropping into a hypo. I also enabled the rapid increase and decrease feature just so I was aware what foods were impacting my BGL the most. We were given the go ahead to get pregnant and I found my pregnancy to be quite smooth and uneventful. With a few increases of insulin, I was able to maintain good BGL control. The CGM gave me peace of mind as I was able to track my BGL 24/7, and I was alerted to any highs or lows, which lowered the risk of harm to our baby.

I was advised to induce birth as a precaution due to the potential of a big baby at 38 weeks. My waters were broken at 8.07am on 21 Nov and Charlie arrived at 8.04am on the 22 Nov, a healthy 3330g. Although this was a long labour, I stayed on the monitor the whole time to ensure Charlie wasn’t in any distress. I had my CGM in my arm throughout the birth to monitor my BGL, and my Husband and Mum were able to keep an eye on them on my iPhone. Prior to my induction I was given a plan to reduce my insulin units for labour, which worked well as I didn’t eat or drink much. We began pushing at around 6.30am and Charlie arrive after 90 minutes. Charlie’s BGL was tested a couple of times the day she was born to ensure she wasn’t affected by my diabetes, but she got the all clear – a healthy baby girl.

I highly recommend to anyone planning a pregnancy to give the Guardian Connect a go. Our bodies go through so much change in pregnancy, and I found I needed more insulin as the time went on. It is a relief to know I am doing the best thing possible for my own health and the health of my baby with such tight control of my BGL. I was able to maintain a HBA1c of around 5.8 throughout the entire 9 months. I owe a lot to my diabetes team and Medtronic for the successful and healthy pregnancy and birth I got to experience.


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