Living with the MiniMed 670G and Guardian Link Transmitter

Wednesday, July 3, 2019 - 10:15

The MM670G is like Will Ferrell’s mum in the movie “Wedding Crashers” (“I have no idea what she’s doing back there!") I couldn’t even try to understand how the algorithms work behind the scenes to keep readjusting basal levels to keep my sugars within the normal range, but after getting my latest HbA1c I don’t need to know HOW it works, but I know for certain that it DOES work.

My HbA1c before going on the MM670G was 7.4%, but my reading after getting a blood test on the weekend was 6.5%! It is the first time my HbA1c has been under 7% for about five years –This machine has changed my life– While it is certainly not like Will Ferrell in Anchorman 2 when he puts the minivan onto cruise control then jumps in the back and plays cards with the boys – you still need to be sensible and do the best you can to control your diabetes on your own, but this machine is more forgiving If you make small human miscalculations.

Diabetics today are so incredibly lucky that people have gone to so much effort to create this insulin pump – I have lived on my own since losing my wife to breast cancer in 2016 and I had a few nervous sleeps, and one morning didn’t wake up for work due to an overnight hypo, but since being on the MM670G I have slept like a baby and I live a life with certainty knowing that my safety is taken care of.

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