From Bump to Baby

Wednesday, November 13, 2019 - 15:53

While I was pregnant my focus was on keeping my body healthy to support the beautiful life growing inside of me. When Charlie was born, I kept the same focus on her wellbeing but really struggled to prioritise my own health. Guardian Connect CGM has been a constant gentle reminder to look after myself, to eat, to take my insulin, that my body needs to be a priority too so I can be the best Mum I can be for Charlie.  

The best feature of the CGM for me is the prediction. I have the prediction set to notify me if I’m headed for a low 20 minutes beforehand, this gives me the opportunity to eat something before this occurs. I frequently reached lunchtime with a baby still sleeping in my arms and I had still not eaten for the day. 

I also have a high prediction set for the same 20 minutes for the same reason, a sleeping baby in my arms and snacking on anything I can eat one handed, it’s not always easy to have insulin in the moment. So, I get that reminder on my phone that my levels are headed up and it’s important that I remember my insulin.  

After the birth, my insulin requirements have changed so it’s easy for my specialist to see what doses to prescribe without needing monthly blood tests. Being able to check my BGL from my phone has also been a huge help. I have found my calibration twice a day to be very accurate since changing to the new sensor – Guardian Sensor 3.  I frequently ask my husband, friends and family to check my BGL for me, and it’s as easy as opening the app on my iPhone. 

I couldn’t be happier using the Guardian Connect CGM. It has been a lifesaver in the first nine months while I’m learning to care for a baby and myself at the same time. I highly recommend new Mums to use this device as it’s so important we are caring for our own health too. 

Speaking of babies in arms, currently typing with Charlie grabbing the keyboard !!


Medtronic Guardian Connect Ambassador


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