First few days with the new 640G

Saturday, January 10, 2015 - 13:41

A few days into our journey

I have looked at the pictures, I have played with the test devices, I have read the training on what can be possible for me and my daughter, and finally the day has come when we get our new pumps. To say the process has been arduous would be a lie. We have had to do very little paperwork, we haven't had to deal with the health insurance company and ultimately, with the help of Medtronic and our Diabetes Educator, all we really had to do was to turn up for the appointment.

Inside our new packs, we found: 

  • 640G insulin pumps

Pink for my daughter and purple for me. (I have had the charcoal and the blue, so purple was the next option).

  • Our new Bayer contour meters

Thank goodness that they allow for a second go of applying enough blood. So many strips have been wasted over the last 3 years with not enough blood. This meter also acts as the remote control for the pump and the USB dongle for downloading the pump to the CareLink system.

  • Next generation CGM transmitters

No more delays in getting accurate results for the first 12 hours. As soon as I had connected and calibrated for the first time, it was within 1 mmol and it has now been going for 4 days with little to no variation against my meter results. To say that I am very impressed is an understatement.

The screens were so easy to navigate and understand

I began the training with our educator and she had to hold me back from jumping ahead of her in getting it set up. The screens were so easy to navigate and understand that each process and menu made sense and was easy to move through.

New predictive technology suspends the pump when it looks like you will head towards a hypo

All the settings were done and explained, including the new predictive technology. This will not only suspend the pump when it looks like you will head towards a hypo, but restart again when you’re heading out. It also alerts when it is predicted that you’re heading towards the high limit that was set. This process was completed and done within an hour and I was connected and ready to start. Of course I had to wait the standard 2 hours before the sensor would kick in, but that is expected.

…gives us confidence that our daughter will be in great hands

Next was to take my wife through the process with our daughter’s pump. I have had 25 years of experience with insulin dependent diabetes, however my wife has only had one – that of being a parent of a child who has it. She had done wonderfully well grasping and understanding all that is required and the process with the new pump was nothing different. I think she had just gotten through and felt fully confident with the last one.

However she went through the training and to tell you the truth if I had a dollar for every time I heard "WOW that is so easy and SMART" while she was setting it up, I would have over a thousand dollars. All the aspects that she understood about the old VEO pump were made even simpler to understand and navigate. They were also enhanced to give us confidence that our daughter would be in great hands.

The whole setup process was now complete and we were on our way with new pumps and technology on our hips. 

It’s amazing to think that this technology is now available to us

On the way home the pump sounded, asking for a BG to begin calibration for the CGM. I did my test, which was in the mid 4s. Five minutes later, another new sound happened and I looked down and the pump told me that it had suspended automatically with the understanding that I was heading low. WOW, WOW, WOW this thing was on the ball right from the start. I found my glucose and had only a fraction of what I would if I was hypo and 10 minutes later, my pump sounded again. This time it was telling me that I was heading back into range and the basal pattern had been resumed. It is amazing to think that this technology is now available to us and has the ability to make our lives easier.

During the night, we are able to sleep knowing we’ll be notified if anything’s heading in the wrong direction.

This process has happened a number of times over the last 4 days and my daughter has not been under 4 in that whole time. During the night we are able to sleep knowing that we will have notification if anything is heading in the wrong direction and that it will slow down or stop a hypo from coming. Of course in extreme circumstances where you over-Bolus or make an error, it is still possible, but in everyday scenarios we are looking to a very positive future.

If you want to know more, then take a look at It really is amazing.

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